Esther Noriega is a fashion designer, a personal brand based on the concept of a contemporary atelier that creates handcrafted seasonal collections with design styles for the elegant, discerning woman.


Esther Noriega is synonymous with femininity and elegance. This couturière creates exclusive designs for the contemporary woman in her atelier which is endorsed by the specialized media. Her essence is based on emphasizing woman’s natural beauty, which makes everyone who wears the brand feel unique and special. With her experience and use of the best raw materials and through a close personalized interaction, Esther Noriega can create the dress of your dreams.


Each of our event dresses is perfectly adapted to the female body. We are backed by years of experience in fashion design and custom handcrafted couture. That is what makes it possible for our patterns to be tailored to a real woman. In many of our creations that you can purchase through our online store, you will find dresses where handcrafted sewing techniques are mixed. That is what distinguishes them and makes them more special.




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